Hi everyone and Welcome to the Republic of Jordistan!

When you travel, or you have money or you have time. I have time. I feel it’s the best way to immerse into a country, see how the locals live and have a fuller experience. It’s not about seeing a country through a window glass as if a documentary, it’s about experiencing a country with all of its senses.

My name is Jordi and I’m from Barcelona, and I’ll be using this blog to share my travel experiences, the places I’ve been and my opinion about them! Last time I counted I had visited 34 countries in all of 5 continents (Antartica is still on my bucket list). I like backpacking alone. I feel it’s the best way to fully experience a country, immerse like a local and meet a ton of people! So if you’re looking for fancy trips with 5 star hotels this will probably not be your blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice fancy relaxing places, but feel the best way to know a country is by merging into it’s culture. One of my main mantras is stay at locally owned hotels, eat at locally owned restaurants, take locally owned tours. This way the money stays with the people within the community instead to so big corporation with it’s headquarters somewhere else. I’m a big city lover too (been to NYC far too many times), so will be sharing my experiences at some of my favourite cities around the world as well as more undiscovered towns.

Feel free to comment, suggest, recommend and ask for information!!

Enjoy the World and Welcome to the Republic of Jordistan